Working With WordPress: You Don’t Need To Be A Designer Or Programmer Any Longer

wordpress cupcake
Cupcakes with one cupcake having the Word press logo on it.

By no means would I ever proclaim myself to be a professional blogger or Website designer. With that being said, I feel the past 1  1/2 years of Graduate Instructional Design courses has granted me the right to tout the praises of working with WordPress. Working with WordPress allows an amateur blogger/Website creator to look good.  You need not be a professional designer or programmer any longer.

What once started as a platform for blogging; WordPress has proven to be a fully functional web software with strong features that can be used to create appealing blogs and Websites. Site transformation is right at the tip of your fingertips and can be anything your imagination wants it to be. I believe WordPress to be a powerful blogging and Website content management system for all non-geek language speakers and doers, like myself.

It’s popularity is most likely  grounded in its flexibility, adaptability and usage ease.  A plethora of free, customizable, template themes are available to choose from.  What else does WordPress offer you may be wondering? Color changes?…check. Background changes?…check. Plugins?…check. Widgets?…check. Embedding YouTube videos, audio, Instagram and Tweets…check. For those of us non-geeks it’s as  easy as pasting the URL in the blog or website.

If you are contemplating blogging or creating a Website, I would highly recommend you join the free WordPress community. If I had to sum up WordPress in one word I would have to say, “Priceless”.

For an interesting, informational, WordPress Tutorial

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