Pixlr: A Tool To Create

Original Read bookends holding up various books image.

After using Pixlr Express for the first time, I have to say I found this cloud-based set of image tools to be easy to navigate. Pixlr contains a variety of tools under headings such as: Adjustments; Effects; Overlay; Boarders, and Type.  These tools make it easy to make any image look “picture-perfect”. The following are the steps and tools I used to create a Blog Banner using a Creative Commons Licensing image.

  • Choosing An Image: I chose a READ bookend image for my blog banner because I felt it conveyed an essential message for all School Library Media Specialists. I Googled “Book” images and selected the image I felt would work well not only for size purposes, but as a representation of the importance of reading. To ensure it met Creative Commons Licensing, I clicked Usage Rights under the Search Tools bar. I then clicked, labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification. I saved the image.
  • Opening Pixlr: I opened Pixlr Express and uploaded my image.
  • Adjustments: Here, I cropped the image to meet the blog banner size requirements of 1400×200. I also used Autofix as well.
  • Overlay: I choose Paper/Flower Power to give my image the touch I was looking for.
  • Effects:  Creative/Helena was used.
  • Boarders:  I used Ripped/Femton.
  • Type: Type was not applied as my Blog Banner already says, “Blogging With Karen”.

Uploading The Banner:  The final step was uploading the banner to my blog.



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