School Library Media Specialists: The New Copyright Cops

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 6.55.06 PM
Copyright logo on top of police lights

It has always been a part of the School Library Media Specialist’s job to help ensure copyright compliance. However, SLMs have recently found themselves having to  solely shoulder the job as information and technology experts. One our most important roles has become safeguarding the rights of students, faculty and those whose work is published by way of any form of media. As school library specialists that is exactly what the American Library Association requires us to do.

However, our job title is slowly metamorphosing into Copyright Cop. Policing students and fellow faculty members is not an easy or enjoyable task. Who would ever want to be a Watchdog to people you work closely with day in and day out? Making unauthorized copies is a copyright wrong. Using materials without regard to Creative Commons Licensing is a copyright wrong. When we see these wrongs occurring with students and faculty we have to point out the wrong and tell them that they can not do it it, which is no easy feat.

Creative Commons is a type of copyright that is very easy to use. I was not aware of the term Creative Commons Licensing, however due to the field I am in, I most certainly am aware of my role of accountability in and out of the Information Literacy Program in my district.

View an informative Youtube video on Creative Licensing

See Creative Commons Tweets

For more interesting Creative Commons information:

Microsoft teams with Creative Commons

YouTube Now Lets You License Videos Under Creative Commons (Remixers, Rejoice)


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