Tackk: A Free, Creative, Easy, Digital Assignments Tool

After working with Tackk in my Graduate class, I found it to be an easy tool for creating eye pleasing digital Websites. In just a short amount of time, my partner and I were able to quickly design a sleek Website on Cooking and Dining.

Here is the “Tackk” we created with just a few clicks.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.16.42 AM
Front page of Tackk with tomatoes

Tackk is a free, sleek, Internet-based application that provides an easy to use interface for designing class assignments or, in our case, Websites. This tool enables you to post an image, video or other content. Some text can aslo me added. Tackk is not just for educators. One of the special and important features is the privacy feature which is pertinent in maintaining student privacy. Also available is a comments section.

Personally, I thought Tackk was an exciting, easy-to-use  tool designed to create creative Websites or classroom assignments. I would sum up Tackk in two words: Very Cool!

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One thought on “Tackk: A Free, Creative, Easy, Digital Assignments Tool

  1. I really like Tackk as well, I think that it is a really easy tool for educators to make web content that looks professional. Thanks also for the additional resources – I saw that the Emerging Tech site also did a story on Tackk for flipped instruction.


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