Screencast-O-Matic: How To Find Books Using The OPAC System

How to find books using the OPAC Library Catalog System for Union Township Public Schools


  • Location and access: Students will be able to identify elements of information resources and locate the resources to access specific information.

Direct YouTube Link

Visit these links for tutorials on how to create a Screencast-O-Matic:

Screencast-O-Matic is an easy to use screen capture recording program used to create tutorials and demonstrations. I found the process extremely easy to use and was actually able to create the tutorial in one take. Screencast-O-Matic can be used by teachers and students and is a tool I will continue to use in the classroom.

Original Directions:

This mini assignment required the creation of a 2-3 minute screencast using one of the free software options. The screencast had to focus on something that I could demonstrate to others using my computer. I choose to create a tutorial on how to us the OPAC school library catalog because I could use it as a lesson at the beginning of the year for my classes.


Hi Boys and Girlls

It’s Ms. Franciosa

Today, I am going to demonstrate how to access our OPAC library catalog system , so you will be able to locate books in our library.

Before we get started I wanted to tell you a little bit about the OPAC system

OPAC means Online Public Access System

After this demonstration, you will no longer have to ask me or your teachers if we have a book in the library.

You can access OPAC at home and in the library so you can find out if the library has a book and if it is available even before you come into the library.

Okay are your ready?

First, you need to get on the Union Township School Website. Type: http://www.twpunionschools. org in the search bar.

This will bring you to the Township on Union Schools Homepage.

Scroll down to the book with the apple and click on it.

This brings you to the school district’s library catalog.

Click on your school: Hannah Caldwell

Now you can locate a book in the Hannah Caldwell School Library

We can search 3 ways for books: Author, Title, Subject

Let’s say you have a report on dogs or just want to find out about dogs.

Type in dogs in the search bar and click search.

All the books on dogs will appear on the screen.

Locate the one you want and click on it.

It will tell you if it is available; the title of the book; the author oft he book; the copywrite date; the summary and the call number where you can find the book.

You use the same process to locate a book by author and title.

I hope you enjoyed the demonstrate and now will be able to use our OPAC catalog system effectively.

Watch my tutorial and try one for yourself!


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