Final Reflection: What I Learned In Webpage Technologies

Where to Start? The class hit the ground running right from the first day of Webpage Technologies. Dr. Mirliss patiently and informatively, guided us through 10 Modules that at times seemed to multiply before our eyes. The Modules were like the laundry….there was always more.

Yet, today the Modules end. The final Web Page is turned in and the last reflection is being written. As I reflect over the many weeks, so many things were learned along with laughs shared. The class had a great mixture of Under Grads and Grads alike. We were all on different levels, yet we seemed to mesh perfectly as a class. I find it gets harder to say goodbye to acquaintances made through class hours as we all continue our individual personal journey.

So, what did I learn in this course? The answer is so very much. From tackling the difficulty of HTML coding to the whimsical design of Avatars.

If I had to choose the most important aspect of class it would be Webpage Accessibility and how we as designers should never lose sight of the importance of designing for the multitude of disabilities.

As I close this final Reflection I have to say I will look back on learning how to be more professional bloggers, how to appropriately use storyboarding, how to evaluate Websites , how to use Website creation tools,  How to screencast (which I had difficulty with in a past class) as well as the importance of video and sound.

Course Syllabi are a funny thing. You look at them before day one of each class and shake your head with disbelief with the amount of material that needs to be learned during the given weeks. Then the class comes to a close and you can’t believe how much you have learned and how much was accomplished.

Yes, I have learned new material and new techniques in Webpage technologies, however, I think the greatest thing that I will take away not only from this class, but all 30 credits worth of classes and material at SHU, is that I have the ability to be a great designer and a life long learner. I owe a great deal of gratitude, not only to Dr. Mirliss, but to all the professors I have taken along this journey.  They not only taught me the curriculum, but gave me the confidence to succeed!




One thought on “Final Reflection: What I Learned In Webpage Technologies

  1. I am glad that you were able to take so much away from this class and program. You can the skills and confidence now to use technology appropriately and in engaging ways. Best of luck and keep in touch!


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